It’s an unfortunately common complaint: that look great, but don’t smell so good. This is serious and needs rapid attention. There are a few common reasons for this, but most of them mean you will have to have your veneers redone, or possibly need even more work.

Inadequate Oral Hygiene

The first place to start is to make sure your oral hygiene is adequate. Dental veneers will cover your natural teeth, but they don’t cover them completely. Instead, your natural teeth are still exposed and can fall victim to decay due to oral bacteria.

Oral bacteria can also cause a strong smell, because they often “breathe” sulfur, which is the basis of many stinky chemicals, and the most common cause of bad breath.
Woman brushing teeth holding toothbrush

Poorly Fitted Dental Veneers

If you’re like most people with dental veneers and are taking adequate care of your teeth, then the next likely culprit is poor veneer fit. Dental veneers should fit snugly against your natural teeth, with no ledges, gaps, or imperfections, but often dental veneers don’t fit as well as they should. The result is that oral bacteria gets trapped around the veneer, which then leads to the smell.

If your oral hygiene is good, getting a second opinion about the fit of your veneers is a good idea.

Gum Disease

Another potential reason for a smell coming from your dental veneers is gum disease. This can be related to the poor fit of your dental veneers, as the bacteria that colonizes the edges of your veneers can spread to your gums. The bacteria there can cause a strong smell.

Sometimes the placement of dental veneers can be too aggressive on your gums, detaching them and putting them at risk for gum disease, even if your mouth is otherwise healthy. Typically, you will also notice red, inflamed, bleeding, or receding gums if this is the cause.

Tooth Decay

As we noted above, your natural teeth can still develop decay underneath dental veneers. When this occurs, bacteria can collect in your teeth, causing a smell. It’s important to get this checked out quickly, because if your tooth is developing decay it might be in danger. The longer you wait to get your tooth checked out, the more likely that you will need a root canal on that veneered tooth. You might even lose the tooth and need a dental implant to replace it.

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