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Replacing a missing or failing tooth can be a little overwhelming. If you have discussed this with a dentist, it can often mean referrals to different dental offices for each part of the dental implant process. This can cause the implant process to take longer, add confusion, and extra appointments.

Our Irvine implant dentists have developed a method to help you through the process with the best outcome possible. We have an experienced and award-winning team, all in one office, to be your 1-stop custom dental implant solution.

We understand that even the thought of a missing tooth can have a big impact on everyday life.

Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants

From Rice Dentistry

Attractive & Natural Appearance Customized For You

Not only will your dental implants feel natural, but your restorations will look attractive and natural. Our deep experience allows us to customize the aesthetics and function to your wants and needs. We can even recreate the smile of your youth if you wish.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

With your replacement teeth secured in your jaw with dental implants, every bite feels natural and stable. Dental implants can help you eat your favorite foods like steak, corn on the cob, or apples without the fear of dentures slipping or sliding out of your mouth.

Functional & Secure

Dental implants secure your replacement teeth in your jaw just like natural tooth roots. This results in replacement teeth that feel secure and functional through every bite, smile, laugh, or conversation. Your new teeth will stay put through every part of your day.


Dental implants are an investment in your future. On average, tooth implants can last up to a lifetime with proper care. This long-term investment will improve your quality of life, help you feel confident, and offer benefits you won’t find with other treatments.

Known & Trusted Success Rate

Our Top Irvine dentists have provided beautiful long-lasting dental implants for over 20 years. We are a family business (not a faceless corporation) and pride ourselves on long-lasting results averaging 98%. We utilize advanced technology and the latest techniques to ensure your results are here to stay.

Maintain Youthful Appearance

When you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone will begin to lose density over time. This will impact your facial structure and cause signs of premature aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. Dental implants can help you maintain bone density and your youth.

When it comes to cost, we are very unique due to our all-inclusive pricing. What this means to you is that nothing will ever be added on later in the treatment. All records, x-rays, scans, lab fees, office visits, retainers, and anything else that comes up are all covered with the cost of the treatment. Transparency and trust in our process are very important to us, and we never want surprises for you. This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect.

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Dental Implant Options in Irvine
For Every Patient

At Rice Dentistry, we understand not every patient has the same needs which is why we offer a wide variety of types of dental implants. Whether you need to replace an entire mouth of teeth or just a single tooth, we offer an option that’s right for you. We even offer options for patients who suffer from jawbone loss and were previously unable to receive dental implants. Explore our full list of options below.

Sedation Dentistry For a
Stress-Free Procedure

We understand if you feel anxious about your upcoming implant surgery. However, you have nothing to worry about. We know anxiety can’t turn off with the flip of a switch which is why we offer sedation dentistry to help you stay comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free for the entirety of your procedure. Depending on your level of anxiety, we will prescribe the best sedation dentistry option for you. Dr. Rice is board certified by the State of California to administer oral sedation and regularly works with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist to administer IV sedation and General Anesthesia.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

We regularly see patients who had previous dentists tell them that they’re not good candidates for dental implants. Our Irvine implant & restorative dentistry teams wants to help every patient achieve the functional and beautiful smile that they deserve. During your consultation with our top cosmetic dentists, we will examine your mouth to evaluate your dental health and take a scan of your jaw bone and existing teeth to determine which implant treatment is right for you. Most patients are good candidates for dental implants and don’t require bone grafts due to the advanced implant procedures we offer.

Replace Your Missing Teeth In Just Three Steps


Consultation & Planning

Book a consultation with our Irvine implant dentists by calling (949) 551-5902. During your consultation, we will take CT scans, answer your questions, provide treatment options, and then present payment options. Once you decide which treatment is best for you, we will begin planning your procedure.


Stress Free Procedure

On your procedure day, we will provide you with our recommended sedation dentistry option to ensure you feel comfortable during the entire appointment. You will need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from our dental office. You will likely have little memory of your procedure after it’s over.


Healing & Amazing Results

Dental implants secure your replacement teeth in your jaw just like natural teeth. This results in replacement teeth that feel secure and functional through every bite, smile, laugh, or conversation. Your new teeth will stay put through every part of your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For patients with bone loss, we offer Zygomatic and angled implants to avoid the need for a bone substitute graft. Most patients will not require a bone graft by utilizing these techniques.

Replacing missing teeth is not cheap, but they are an investment for the rest of your life. Dental implants do not have a fixed cost. Some of the factors that may contribute to the cost of your procedure include:

  • Implant style
  • Restoration type
  • Number of implants
  • Complexity of procedure
  • Any supporting procedures required
  • Experience and education of the cosmetic dentist

If you’re wondering how much your dental implant procedure will cost, please schedule a consultation by calling (949) 551-5902 today.

Both Dr. Scott Rice and Dr. Taylor Rice have extensive post-doctoral training and experience in regards to dental implants. Both dentists have completed numerous courses from the prestigious Kois Center. In addition, they have a high success rate and tons of patients who love their results. Take a peek at our before and after gallery and testimonials to see for yourself.
No! We do everything in our power to ensure your procedure is painless and as comfortable as possible. Using a combination of sedation dentistry and local anesthetic, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during your procedure. You may feel some discomfort during the healing process but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain meds.
If you require an extraction, it’s very likely that you can also have your implant placed the same day as your procedure. Please book a consultation at (949) 551-5902 to discuss your options with our implant dentists.