We know that our patients come to us to get the very best in dental care and are interested in which dental products that we recommend to maintain their beautiful smiles. Below, we have a list of the products that our doctors and hygienists recommend. As part of your post-operative instructions, your dentist may have recommended one or more of the products listed below. Please select the type of product that you’re looking for from the categories below or simply scroll down to browse the page. Click the buttons beneath the product image for details and to place your order from the product’s distributing company. Note that no sales are completed on our website. If you encounter difficulty ordering a product at one of the links below, please contact the selling website’s customer support as we are unable to assist in such matters.


Electric Toothbrushes

We recommend Sonicare brushes and prefer the brushes with a pressure sensor to monitor how hard a patient is brushing.

Oral Health Care

Dry Mouth Relief

Fluoridex daily defense toothpaste

Fluoridex® Toothpaste By Prescription Only

Dr. B Dental Solutions

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