Dentist Testimonials

“Dr. Scott Rice is one of the biggest dental assets to the greater Orange County area. Patients in Irvine and beyond are extremely fortunate that he chose to focus his talents and energy for their exclusive benefit. After you’ve experienced his care, you’ll understand why many are willing to travel from all over the region in order to see him. You should be thankful he’s right in your backyard! Not only does he have some of the highest professional designations related to his ability and expert skill at helping patients needing complex dentistry but he constantly seeks out the latest and best information and technology just for you. That means that no matter how bad off you feel you are or how serious your dental problems may be, he can offer you a solution that will get you back to eating, smiling, and living life to its fullest again. In fact, to make this all possible, he’s trained with literally some of the top dentists. All of this put together means that you will always have the latest options available to you and that your dentistry will look good, work great, and last for many years to come. I recommend that you see Dr. Rice, you’ll be glad you did.”

Dr. James R. McAnally
Clinician, Consultant & Dental Author
Seattle, WA


“Dr. Rice is truly committed to the field of dentistry and even more so to the level of care he provides to his patients. Having attended several courses and lectures with Dr. Rice, I have found him to be passionate in his profession and his integrity continues to be his core. I do not live near Dr. Rice, but if I did I would certainly choose him for my care.”

Dr. Joseph M. Miranda DDS
Dallas, TX


“I am proud to state that my mentor in complex dental rehabilitation is Dr. Rice. This caring and compassionate dentist has learned how to communicate and execute the perfect smile through his meticulous use of dental implants to build new teeth. Not only does he both place and restore the implants, this sensational practitioner can rebuild bone and gums. Patients flock to this dentist from all parts of the city and surrounding communities and it is easy to see why. You will love your new smile!”

Dr. Mark Cohen DDS
Los Angles, CA


“Dr. Rice’s skill and bedside manner are the best I have ever seen! His knowledge is unsurpassed and I find myself always consulting with him for second opinions. Even better is his ability to connect with his patients. He knows how to put the patient at ease and make them feel comfortable. I would trust my mouth and that of my family’s to Dr. Rice. The smiles he creates are spectacular. He simply changes people’s lives!”

Dr. John Zavala DDS
Round Rock, TX


“In my opinion, Dr. Rice is one of the most patient-oriented dentists I have ever met. He has show exceptional interest in offering them the best our profession has to offer.”

Dr. Larry Brooks DDS
Newton, Maine


“Excellence is a rare commodity that all seek when searching for a quality healthcare for themselves. Dr. Rice combines more than 20 years experience with continued training from the best dentist in the profession. He delivers cosmetic, implant and functional solutions to patients with serious dental needs in a gentle, caring and pain free way. He consistently is improving his level of excellence and implementing positive patient friendly changes to his dental practice, and is one that I would recommend without reservation to put a new higher level of self-confidence into your smile.”

Dr. Robert C. Ludlow DDS
Modesto, CA


“Visiting the dentist can finally put a smile on your face. Imagine a dentist that is genuinely caring and honest, that will truly listen to your concerns, provide meaningful incites and gentle deliver a stunning world class smile utilizing state of the art technology….all while you are resting comfortably, Dr. Rice is such a dentist. Dr. Rice has literally trained with the top dentist in the profession. With his advanced skills and judgment, he can give the patient living with the most disasterous dental problems the ability to eat comfortably and to smile again. Let Dr. Rice help you. You’ll be glad you did.”

Dr. Thomas Ludlow DDS
Folsom, CA


“Would you like your care from a dentist that has immense experience and the most updated knowledge to go along with that experience? Dr. Rice is such a dentist, trained by and with the top dentist in the profession nationwide. His knowledge puts him into a category by himself and he uses that knowledge to give you back comfortable chewing and the beautiful smile you deserve. He is a specialist in the most difficult and demanding situations dental patients can have and a true expert at providing excellent care with a personal, warm, and gentle touch. You’ll be happy with long lasting results.”

Dr. I-Lan Chang DDS
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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