DenturesSingle Tooth ImplantAll-on-4 ® Implant BridgesPrettau Implant Bridges
AppearanceWhen in place can look naturalLook like natural teethLook like natural teethLook like natural teeth
FunctionReduced bite forceFunction like natural teethFunction like natural teethFunction like natural teeth
ComfortGum irritation commonFeels like natural toothFeels like natural teethFeels like natural teeth
Number of ImplantsNone146-8
Bone LossMay accelerate bone lossPrevents bone lossPrevents some bone lossPrevents more bone loss
Restoration MaterialsAcrylic base, sometimes with ceramic teethTypical dental crown: lithium disilicate or zirconiaAcrylic or zirconiaFull zirconia
DurabilityMay warp when dry or under hot water. Can break when dropped. Wears down under normal conditions.Very sturdy: can withstand all normal bite forceAcrylic is like dentures, zirconia is strong enough for all normal bite forceCan withstand all normal bite force
LongevityAdjustment needed in less than a year, may last 8 yearsCan last a lifetime–crown may last 10-20 yearsProven durability up to 10 yearsExpected durability beyond 10 years
Procedure Complete in1 day1 day1 day1 day
Healing TimeUp to six months for new dentures, none for replacementsUp to six monthsUp to six monthsUp to six months