Doing Good

At Rice Dentistry, we are dedicated to serving our community. We want to impact lives and provide hope to our immediate dental family, our patients, but also those in need across the country and around the world.

Recently, we provided free dental care to people in need here in Orange County at a CDA Cares event. Prior to that, Dr. Taylor went to Phoenix to give dental implants to homeless veterans at the Brighter Way Center.

In 2015, Dr. Taylor and his wife traveled with the charity Smiles for Hope to provide dental care in remote villages. This trip was challenging, since care was provided with minimal facilities (sometimes under a tarp), and required regular travel to reach these villages. Smiles for Hope is affiliated with the Crown Council and the Smiles for Life Foundation.

Dr. Taylor Rice working on a patient
Brighter Way Institute sign
Dr. Taylor Rice performing dentistry
Girl holding Smiles for Life ball
Rice Dentistry at CDA Cares
Dr. Taylor Rice and Dr. Scott Rice at cda cares
Dr. Taylor Rice with patient
Rice Dentistry at cda cares
Dr. Taylor Rice working on patient
Dr. Taylor Rice with patient

Also, since 2007, Rice Dentistry has participated in the Smiles for Life charity drives. Each year, we provide patients with free teeth whitening. Instead of paying us, patients write a check to Smiles for Life, which donates half the money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and half to local children’s charities on our behalf. We have supported many charities over the years, including the Irvine Public Schools Foundation and Canyon Acres Ranch. The Irvine Public Schools Foundation strives to enrich the educational experience of every child in every school by supporting supplementary programs like small learning groups and music education. Canyon Acres Ranch, now part of the Seneca Family of Agencies, provides support to children and families in difficulties, including adoption, fostering, and mental health struggles.