Metal Amalgam: Unattractive, Uncomfortable, and Possibly Dangerous

For about a hundred years, metal amalgam was the filling material of choice. The paste contains a mixture of mercury, tin, silver, and other metals and is then jammed into a tooth. They worked well enough, and certainly better than the alternatives available more than a century ago, but they do have significant problems.

Metal amalgam fillings turn black over time, so cosmetically, they’re no better than having a gaping cavity in your tooth. Metal amalgam fillings can also increase temperature sensitivity in your teeth because they conduct heat well and expand at a different rate than your natural tooth enamel and dentin. Because the main ingredient in metal amalgam, mercury, is known to be toxic, many people also express concerns that these fillings are essentially poisonous.

We can replace your metal amalgam fillings during a full mouth rejuvenation with tooth-colored options to give you a more attractive and more comfortable smile.

Metal and PFM Crowns and Bridges

Metal crowns were the best option when ceramic materials were not strong enough to withstand the force of your bite, but advances in material science mean we can now use all-ceramic crowns in almost all cases to replace your metal crowns.

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns were a good compromise to give an attractive crown with the strength of the metal. However, over time the ceramic can separate, revealing the metal beneath, and if your gums recede at all, the metal border of the crown can become visible.

Old dental bridges were often made with metal ties or wires. These highly visible portions of the restoration may make you self-conscious, but today a full mouth rejuvenation can replace them with bridges that have no visible wires—or even dental implants!

Full Mouth Rejuvenation to Fix Damaged Work

Sometimes people get dental work done that they are not fully happy with. It may not look right, or it may be uncomfortable. Other times, dental work may start out fine, but it gets damaged. We can help you replace your old restorations to get a smile that you will be proud to show off on a daily basis.

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