Dentures Are a Good Solution to a Tough Problem

No restoration is as good as your natural teeth. When you’ve lost all your teeth, we have a difficult challenge of trying to replace all their functions, including their function, their comfort, and their appearance. In the past, false teeth simply weren’t up to the challenge. They were visibly fake, and if their appearance didn’t give them away, their poor function did.

These days, dental prosthetics can accomplish this, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their style and design. We have the ability to make better ones, but it requires quality materials, advanced processes, and talented application, all of which contributes to their cost.

In the past, dentures often looked artificial and performed poorly. Nowadays, advancements in materials and techniques have led to better tooth replacements. While cheap false teeth may seem tempting, they often lack the quality and functionality of premium options like FOY® Dentures and All-on-4®.

Advantages of FOY® Dentures

FOY® Dentures offer numerous advantages, such as a better fit, improved appearance, enhanced function, increased comfort, and longer-lasting results. These dental prosthetics also provide more support for improved facial appearance, effectively reversing the effects of tooth loss.

If you are considering dentures as your tooth replacement option, you should consider FOY Dentures®.

What Makes FOY® Different?

FOY® Dentures stand out because they are crafted using the highest quality materials and benefit from the expertise of dental labs with extensive experience in denture fabrication. What truly sets them apart is their foundation in neuromuscular dentistry.

Neuromuscular dentistry considers the entire mouth as a dynamic system, focusing on the relationships between teeth, gums, jaws, muscles, and nerves to ensure both an attractive and functional smile. Dental appliances, reliant on jaw muscles for stability, benefit from this understanding, resulting in improved fit and stability.

Putting the Youth in FOY® Dentures

By addressing your mouth’s movement, not just its static shape, FOY® Dentures function exceptionally well. These replacement teeth have the ability to take years off your apparent age by restoring your facial structure, making you look more youthful. By increasing the vertical dimension of your smile, FOY® Dentures can rejuvenate your facial proportions, reducing the appearance of excess skin and giving you a more youthful appearance.

If you reside in Irvine and want to learn more about how FOY® Dentures can benefit you, please schedule a consultation at Rice Dentistry call (949) 551-5902 today.

Before smile patient that was seeking dentures form Dr. Rice
Denture patient after dental treatment with Dr. Rice