Dentures Are a Good Solution to a Tough Problem

No restoration is as good as your natural teeth. When you’ve lost all your teeth, we have a difficult challenge of trying to replace all their functions, including their function, their comfort, and their appearance. In the past, false teeth simply weren’t up to the challenge. They were visibly fake, and if their appearance didn’t give them away, their poor function did.

These days, dentures can accomplish this, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their style and design. We have the ability to make better ones, but it requires quality materials, advanced processes, and talented application, all of which contributes to their cost.

Cheap dentures are readily available and widely promoted. It is in the interest of cheap denture providers to make it seem as if there is no difference between dentures other than price, but there is a difference. They can be better, such as FOY® Dentures  and All-on-4® implant dentures.

Advantages of FOY® Dentures

FOY® Dentures, The Denture Fountain of Youth® are better than traditional dentures in many ways, including:

  • Better fit
  • Better appearance
  • Better function
  • More comfort
  • Longer-lasting fit
  • More support for improved facial appearance

If you are considering dentures as your tooth replacement option, you should consider FOY Dentures®.

What Makes FOY® Dentures Different

The Denture Fountain of Youth® aka FOY® DenturesFOY® Dentures are different because they are made of the highest quality materials by dental labs that have unique experience in denture fabrication, which gives them the most attractive appearance possible. However, the main difference is that FOY® Dentures are made with an understanding of neuromuscular principles.

Neuromuscular dentistry is the study of your mouth as a whole system, not just your teeth. A neuromuscular dentist looks at the relationships between your teeth, gums, jaws, muscles, and nerves to ensure not just an attractive and healthy smile, but a functional one as well.

Dentures are held in place in large part by the muscles of your jaw, so understanding how those muscles work in your mouth—as opposed to anyone else’s—improves the fit and stability of your dentures. Neuromuscular dentistry also looks at your mouth as a dynamic system—a mouth almost constantly in motion. Designing dentures for your mouth’s movement, not just a static shape, helps them to function better.

Putting the Youth in FOY® Dentures

FOY® Dentures get their name because they have the ability to take up to 20 years off your apparent age. How? By restoring an essential part of your facial structure: your teeth.

When we are in our prime, we not only have more youthful skin, we have longer, stronger teeth that supported our facial tissues. These tissues grew to match the proportions of a face with those full-length teeth. As teeth become worn down or lost, the skin no longer matched the shape of the face. Excess skin and fat began to hang down as jowls or fold up in places, especially between the mouth and chin. By increasing the vertical dimension of your smile, we can restore your face to its original proportions and give you a much younger appearance.

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Before smile patient that was seeking dentures form Dr. Rice
Denture patient after dental treatment with Dr. Rice