Implant Dentures Attachment Options

 closeup of Implant DenturesThere are three options for attaching your dentures to your implants. First, your dentures can be permanently attached to the dental implants. These completely non-removable dentures function for all intents and purposes like your natural teeth, and should be cleaned in a similar way, with brushing and flossing as necessary. Dentures that are permanently attached to the dental implants can be made smaller than removable dentures, which means that they won’t make your mouth feel crowded or full. They won’t interfere with taste, cause gagging, or cause excess or too little salivation. The only limitation of a permanently connected denture is that it can be harder to repair, and, in the event that the denture breaks, it will likely have to be completely replaced.

If you prefer, your dentures can be made to be removable, but this can be done in two different ways. Your dentures can attach directly to the dental implants, or a milled bar can be made that connects to the implants and provides additional stability for the denture and your jaw. The milled bar is a little more expensive, but for many people the additional stability and strength are well worth the investment.

The milled bar adds a little volume, so these dentures can feel a little more bulky. Removable dentures also have more plastic around them, which means there is a chance they can irritate gum tissues, interfere with salivation, and even lead to gagging if they’re not properly fitted. Bulk isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, when properly fitted, denture bulk can help support the lips and chin, helping to achieve the effects of FOY Dentures, the “Denture Fountain Of Youth”.

Removable dentures have to be taken out for cleaning, but they are very similar to permanently attached dentures when they’re in. Removable dentures are also easier to repair if they get damaged.

Material Options

Many places you go will offer you dentures with plastic teeth, but at Rice Dentistry, we only use high quality ceramic teeth. These teeth are not only durable, they resemble natural teeth in their color, luster, and translucency. They even fluoresce under ultraviolet lights the way natural teeth do. You might not think this matters because you don’t visit night clubs anymore, but sunlight contains ultraviolet light, and cheap denture teeth look dull in sunlight.

There is no need for a denture base if your dentures are attached to your dental implants. If there is a denture base, it can be very small and discreet, so there won’t be much plastic in your mouth when you have this type of denture. Dentures that are removable need more of a base to support the denture teeth and give you something to handle when you remove them for cleaning.

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