Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a restoration used when you are replacing a single tooth with a dental implant. It shares its name with the visible portion of your tooth, and that’s what it’s designed to be like. Modern dental crowns are made of ceramic material that mimics the color and luster of your natural teeth. Because of recent developments in material science, these ceramic crowns are highly durable, too, capable of standing up to the same bite forces as your natural teeth.

Dental Bridge

illustration of dental implants imbedded into lower jawA dental bridge is a restoration that is made up of several artificial teeth that are supported by two or more dental implants. These can also be called “fixed partial dentures,” and, like dentures, they can be made with a plastic margin that emulates your gum tissue, which can help conceal problems you may have with gum tissue after tooth loss.


Dentures are a replacement for the entire arch of teeth, either on the top or the bottom. They are typically made of one piece. They can be made just to replace the teeth or with a plastic margin that emulates gum tissue. How your dentures are designed depends on your cosmetic goals, the state of your natural gum tissue, and the type of attachment used for your dentures.

Attaching Restorations to Dental Implants

There are several different ways that dental restorations can be attached to dental implants. Often, a small piece called an abutment serves as a transition between the dental restoration and the dental implant.

In some cases, restorations can be glued—called bonding or cementing—to your abutment or implant.

Other times, restorations are screwed to your dental implants.

Dentures can also be made so that they are removable. Your dental implants are fitted with magnets or certain types of attachments that allow you to put your dentures in and take them out for cleaning and maintenance. Removable dentures are not as stable as fixed dentures, but they may be more convenient for some people.

If you want to look at some of the dental restorations we use with our dental implants, see our before and after gallery for dental implants. If you want to talk to an implant dentist about what restorations might be used for you, please contact Rice Dentistry in Irvine today.