Planning Complications

If a dental implant procedure isn’t properly planned, it can result in dental implant results that are unattractive, nonfunctional, or damaging. Some potential complications related to poor planning include:

  • Wrong angle of implant
  • Implant too close or too far from other teeth or implants
  • Implant not fully covered by tissue

These planning errors are most common with dentists who have not been fully trained in the dental implant procedure or don’t have adequate experience performing implant procedures.

woman with dental implants smiling, thankful for no complications with restoring her smile

Procedure Complications

During your dental implant procedure, there are some potential complications that may impact your ability to get restorations on dental implants and may affect the longevity of your dental implants. These include:

  • Damage to bone around the implant
  • Poor stability of implant
  • Implant breaking through bone unexpectedly

These complications can result from poor technique related to dental implants, and they are more common when the dental implant procedure is being performed by someone who is not fully trained or experienced in dental implant procedures.

It’s possible to aspire (inhale) or swallow materials during a dental implant procedure. Dentists should take proper precautions to reduce this risk, but sometimes it happens anyway.

Injuries during Dental Implant Procedures

Most of the above complications just affect your dental implants, but it’s also possible that you may sustain an injury during the dental implant procedure. These injuries can be serious, affecting not just your dental implants, but your other teeth and more. Some injuries that can occur include:

  • Bleeding
  • Nerve injury
  • Jaw fracture
  • Sinus perforation
  • Damage to adjacent teeth

Proper planning, good technique, and detailed imaging of the area around the dental implant significantly reduce the risk of these injuries, but in some cases they will happen anyway. It is impossible to remove all risk of potential injury.

It is important to consider the risk of complications before committing to any medical procedure. If you are concerned about dental implant complications in Irvine, please contact Rice Dentistry in Irvine today for an appointment.