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All-On-X is Better Than Four

You’ve likely seen All-On-4 heavily advertised because it’s cheaper for patients to get only four implants. However, if one of the four implants fails, your entire bridge fails. That means after your lengthy procedure, recovery time, and money spent, everything goes to waste. We utilize All-On-6 which means each arch of teeth is supported by six or more implants. Our goal is to provide patients with the most predictable and long-term success possible. We prefer to over-engineer than risk your implants failing.

High-Quality Prosthesis

Traditionally, All-On-4 dentures were made using standard denture materials which comprised of acrylic teeth and gums which feel much softer than natural teeth. Predictably, these wear down over time and will require replacement. At Rice Dentistry, we pride ourselves on giving our patients the best. We use Zirconia with layered porcelain and titanium connections for internal strength for our implant bridges to ensure our patient’s beautiful results hold up over time.

3-D Surgical Design

We don’t just use the best materials, but also the best planning techniques. We’ve merged CAD/CAM Implant Design & Planning software with detailed 3D images of your bone from our Cone Beam CT to precisely plan your implant surgery down to the last millimeter. We print our 3D surgical guides to ensure we place your implants EXACTLY where they should go. This overall increases safety, minimizes post-operational pain, and increases long-term stability and success.

High-Quality All-On-X vs Bargain

Not all dental implants were created equal. By uses the best products backed by years of research, warranties and guarantees, our patients receive only the best results. We utilize revolutionary designs that use materials with the finest titanium, ceramics, and zirconia on the market. These each allow us to provide beautiful results without the problems that come with bargain options.

We are Dental Implant Experts in Irvine

Both Drs. Scott and Taylor Rice have completed several advanced continuing education courses on dental implants. Our team also includes Dr. Nicolas Ravon, who is our in-house periodontist for the past 10+ years. Dr. Ravon is a specialist who performs dental implant surgeries. Our dentists also use advanced dental technology in the planning procedure to produce the best results possible. They a CBCT machine to take 3D images of your mouth and a digital smile design to plan your new teeth. When you choose Rice Dentistry in Irvine, you choose top-tier dental implant results.

How All-On-X Works

Dr Scott Rice discussing All-on-X dental implants


To get started on your new smile, book a consultation with our implant dentists. We will ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure, discuss your aesthetic goals, and then take a 3D x-ray. We will review your x-ray with you to explain your implant options.


Plan & Design

Many offices skip the planning phase of All-On-X. We understand that every patient has their own unique needs which is why we dedicate a lot of our time towards designing your plan. We try to evaluate every option and use as many implants as possible to ensure each patient has the strongest, stablest, and longest-lasting results possible.

Dr Scott Rice discussing All-on-X dental implants with an xray
Dr. Scott Rice assisting a patient

Implant Procedure & Immediate Smile

We want you to have an easy and comfortable procedure which is why our patients receive sedation dentistry. You can sit back and relax while we transform your smile. After we place your implants, we will attach your temporary teeth that you will wear while your jaw heals.


Final Smile Placed

Once your jaw heals, we will take impressions to create your fully custom final restoration. We utilize a metal framework for maximum support with zirconia crowns that offer the beauty and strength of real teeth. Each restoration is custom-made to ensure the color, shape, and size of each tooth looks as beautiful and natural as possible. After your final restoration returns from the lab, we will attach it to your dental implants and your smile is complete!

Dr. Rice laughing with a patient

Enjoy Your New Smile

Congratulations on your brand new smile! You can now look forward to seeing your smile in the mirror and photographs and feel proud every time you need to show your teeth. The first time you look in the mirror after getting your new smile will feel completely priceless. All-On-X doesn’t just replace your teeth, it restores your confidence, quality of life, and happiness.

When it comes to cost, we are very unique due to our all-inclusive pricing. What this means to you is that nothing will ever be added on later in the treatment. All records, x-rays, scans, lab fees, office visits, retainers, and anything else that comes up are all covered with the cost of the treatment. Transparency and trust in our process are very important to us, and we never want surprises for you. This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect.

If you’re wondering if All-On-X is right for you, please call our implant dentists in Irvine at (949) 551-5902 to book a consultation.


All-On-X at Rice Dentistry

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