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The Many Ways Bulimia Damages Teeth

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person engages in binge-eating, followed by an unhealthy attempt to eliminate the calories consumed. Most people are familiar with the type of  purging bulimia in which a person intentionally vomits after binging. The stomach acids that come up with the vomit erode the tooth enamel, [...]

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Problems of Self-Diagnosis in Cosmetic Dentistry

Chances are, if you're considering cosmetic dentistry right now it's because you are aware that you're not happy with your smile. You may even have some idea about what you think is wrong. But it's important to know that there are many potential problems when you self-diagnose the appearance of your smile. More [...]

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Will Dental Implants Affect My Remaining Teeth?

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular option for replacing lost teeth in Irvine and across the country, but some people worry that there might be negative consequences of using them. One worry is whether the dental implant will affect the natural teeth adjacent to it. The good news is that the effects [...]

New Study Shows Soda Warning Labels Might Have Worked

According to a new study, warning labels on soda that were considered by the California Legislature might have been able to achieve their desired effect, after all. To some extent, the point is moot, because the legislation was defeated in June of this year. However, the mere proposal of the warning label [...]