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Invisalign Vs. Dental Crowns

Modern dental treatments have become very sophisticated. Dentists can correct almost all kinds of damage and ensure you have the perfect smile. Some of the most common dental treatments include Invisalign and dental crowns. At Rice Dentistry, our dentist has helped patients with all kinds of dental problems, including misalignment and tooth damage. We know [...]

Signs That Your Restorations Are Too Old

Modern dental restorations are highly durable, and they can last a long time. Many are expected to last decades. However, few of them can last forever. Dental implants, of course, are the exception, and even then restorations on top of implants like bridges and crowns may need to be replaced. r [...]

New Bone Repair Device Makes Large Grafts Easier

Researchers in Norway have developed a new bone graft device that can be used to make bone grafts for both small and large bone defects. This new bone graft scaffolding is as strong and light as bone, meaning that it can be used to repair large areas of defects, and it's made of very safe [...]

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The Most Effective Bulimia Treatment

Although we can repair bulimia tooth damage, it's best not to start repairing teeth until treatment is underway and seems likely to succeed. To get successful treatment for bulimia, adult patients are encouraged to seek out cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which has the best research record for success in treating patients with bulimia. What [...]

Gum Disease May Quadruple Kidney Disease Risk

According to data presented at the American Society of Nephrology's Kidney Week, periodontal disease can quadruple a person's risk of kidney disease. This research is the beginning of a large-scale study on whether gum disease treatment can prevent or treat kidney disease. Risk Independent of Diabetes The current research, which was conducted at the University [...]

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