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California Dentists Express Concern about DIY Teeth Whitening

There are good reasons why everyone wants whiter teeth. Whiter teeth make you look younger, healthier, more successful, and more attractive. Having whiter teeth can help you get a date, get a job, or get a raise. So who wouldn’t want a whiter smile? The only question is: how to get it? [...]

Teeth Whitening Ban about More Than Profits

We have to take issue with a recent opinion piece by Adam B. Summers in the Orange County Register claiming that the only reason why dentists want to restrict teeth whitening is because of their profit motive. Although it is true that dentists do make money from teeth whitening (news flash: reporters make [...]

Celebrity Smile Quiz Highlights Famous Smiles

The phrase “Hollywood Smile” is a cliche based on the thought that people in movies have beautiful smiles. It’s true that many people become famous because of their smiles, and, if they’re talented but don’t have great smiles, well, that’s why Hollywood invented porcelain veneers. But a new smile quiz gives us an [...]

How Can You Make Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is a great way to make your teeth look whiter, healthier and younger, too. But it's a temporary procedure. The length of your results depends on how you maintain your teeth and the type of whitening. Your Lifestyle Makes a Difference Teeth whitening can remove many different kinds of stains, but [...]

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