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Smartphones Reduce Interactions and Smiles between Strangers

We know that smartphones are changing the way we interact with people around the world. Combined with social media, we are now able to interact with “friends” no matter where or when we find ourselves. We are also spending more time engaging with articles, games, and other distractions instead of engaging our immediate surroundings. But [...]

Gauging the Potential for Smiles to Help Depression

It’s often said that something as simple as a smile from a stranger can turn your entire day around. That theory is going to be put to the test with a new experiment being conducted by researchers at the University College London. For this experiment, subjects will be sent a smile every day via their [...]

New Study Shows Acceledent Decreases Orthodontic Pain

There are many reasons why people dislike orthodontic treatment, such as the length of time it takes for treatment, and the discomfort that can come with moving your teeth. Fortunately, Acceledent has been proven to cut down the time necessary for orthodontics by as much as 50 percent. And now a [...]

Will a “Smart” Retainer Help Reduce Relapse?

Researchers at the University of California are working on a new technology to help improve compliance among retainer wearers. Their hope is that this will improve compliance among orthodontic patients, which will mean less relapse. Why You Need to Wear Your Retainer Your retainer is an essential part of your orthodontic treatment. After [...]

Will Robots Make Good Dentists?

The introduction of a robot for placing dental implants makes us wonder whether robots will eventually become dentists, and, if they do, will they be good at it? We’ve already talked about what makes a talented cosmetic dentist, so let’s see how robots might fare. Precise Movements This is, of course, the thing [...]