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Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Get Needed Dental Care

Whether you need a critical reconstructive dentistry procedure or routine preventive care to avoid serious problems, dental care is important. However, we understand that many people right now are reluctant to visit the dentist. Normal dental anxiety has been heightened by current events, so that people who used to be able to make regular appointments [...]

How to Talk to a Friend or Loved One about Their Teeth

Do you know someone with very bad oral health? Is it affecting your relationship with them? Do you suspect it’s affecting their health, too? If so, then it’s time to have a discussion with them about the issue. But we know that it’s not easy to have these conversations with people, so here’s a guide [...]

Unique Brain Mechanism Tied to Dental Pain Relief

Since the late 19th century, dentists have been using local anesthesia to make us more comfortable. These days, few people would even think of having a dental procedure like porcelain veneers or preparation for a dental crown without anesthetic, but it seems we still don't quite understand how dental anesthesia works. [...]

Gagging at the Dentist Is a Symptom of Anxiety

If you have dental anxiety, you may think you have it under control. You're not afraid. You make it to the dentist. Perhaps you don't make it as often as you should--and you'd never voluntarily have dental treatment--but you keep your oral health relatively in shape. You just have one problem: serious gagging. Your Gagging [...]

Reducing Dental Anxiety May Lead to Less Discomfort During Dental Treatment

Many people with dental anxiety may fear the pain that comes with dental treatment, but it turns out that dental anxiety may actually be the source of pain, and controlling dental anxiety may help to control dental pain. Otherwise, anxious patients enter a destructive cycle in which anxiety leads to pain, which reinforces [...]

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