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Damaged Teeth Claims Against Anesthesiologists Are Common

During surgery or emergency care, intubation for anesthesia is a lifesaving necessity. It’s critical to maintain an open airway, and the tube allows for proper regulation of breathing during anesthesia. Unfortunately, this necessity can sometimes come with unforeseen consequences. Injuries can happen during the process, and, according to a new study, tooth damage is the [...]

Cracks Are a Major Threat to Your Teeth

Cracks are the third leading cause of tooth loss, after gum disease and tooth decay. And most people have at least one cracked tooth, although they may not know it. It’s important to see us regularly to identify cracked teeth before they fracture and may be beyond help. We can perform a close examination of [...]

6 Secret Sources of Sugar in Your Diet

Dietary sugar is the main contributor to your risk of cavities. The good new is that most people are aware of this, and many Americans are trying to cut down on sugar consumption. This is not only good for your weight and overall health, it can cut down on your need for Reconstructive Dentistry Irvine

A Hopeful Message about Bulimia Teeth Damage

Millions of American women struggle with bulimia nervosa, one of the most damaging eating disorders. Many of these women experience extensive damage to their teeth as a result of their purging behavior. Like bulimia itself, this tooth damage can be discouraging, and it can seem an insurmountable obstacle. That’s why it’s nice to read the [...]

We Can Give You Your Smile Back after a Motorcycle Accident

The weather’s warming and we know that many of us are starting to hear the siren call of the open road. Although riding is a joy, it also comes with a risk for accidents. And if you get in an accident, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer facial injuries that may include dental injury. Orofacial [...]

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