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Survey Shows Complications Common for Dental Tourism

Dental tourism has become, unfortunately, a common way for people to try to find cheaper dental treatment. It might seem like a triple win: get a vacation, get dental treatment, and save money. However, the reality is that it’s actually a great way to ruin your vacation, create a need for urgent dental care, [...]

Brushing Teeth and Seeing the Dentist Can Reduce Heart Risks

For many years, the link between gum disease and heart disease was controversial. Now, that controversy is largely resolved. Most doctors and dentists agree that gum disease is associated with, and likely causes, increased risk of heart problems. But now we have to ask: can we use this information to help people [...]

Peace Corps Spreads Tooth Brushing Around the World

A century ago, tooth brushing was the latest thing in the US. The state of oral health in the country was terrible. Our diet had changed to include much more refined sugars, and we were coming to understand how badly that was impacting our teeth and gums. Across the country, kids learned how to brush [...]

Before You Give Up Brushing, Check the Details of Stories

The story seems like a revelation: two women who gave up brushing their teeth now enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles. Reading that, you might be tempted to give up on oral hygiene. But before you throw your toothbrush away, it’s important to pay attention to the details of the stories and see that, actually, these [...]

Cracks Are a Major Threat to Your Teeth

Cracks are the third leading cause of tooth loss, after gum disease and tooth decay. And most people have at least one cracked tooth, although they may not know it. It’s important to see us regularly to identify cracked teeth before they fracture and may be beyond help. We can perform a close examination [...]

Resolving Tooth Brushing Controversies

One thing social media is definitely good at is blowing things out of proportion. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that one of the most recent tempests in a teapot was over tooth brushing. It seems that people were divided over the issue of whether they should wet their toothbrush first, then add the toothpaste [...]

Plaque Never Rests: Always Brush Your Teeth

A recent study showed that a full 20% of Britons admit that they don’t brush their teeth on weekends. Although this is a British study based on a survey of 2000 people, it’s likely that the answers would be similar among a US population. But this oral hygiene failing can be very [...]

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