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Metal Free Dentistry

Zirconia Implants Can Help Metal Sensitivity Related to Lyme Disease

The human body isn’t made to take in too many heavy metals. Many metals are necessary in trace amounts to make our bodies function, but if we get too much exposure to metals, especially the wrong metals, it can impact how our body works at a subcellular level. Metal susceptibility isn’t the same for everyone. [...]

Are Zirconia Implants Metal?

We understand that some people are uncomfortable with the use of metal in their restorations, even the use of a metal as biocompatible as titanium in dental implants. That’s why we offer zirconia metal-free dental implants. However, there are some people who may insist that zirconia implants are also metal. They may make statements like [...]

5 Reasons Zirconia Implants Will Have Amazing Market Growth

A new market report shows that dental implants are expected to continue growing dramatically in the next few years. People want more attractive and more functional alternative to traditional dentures. This market report showed that, although titanium dental implants dominate the market right now, metal-free zirconia implants will likely grow much faster [...]

Zirconia Implants May Reduce Peri-Implantitis Risk

If you are considering dental implants but don’t like the thought of a metal implant, Rice Dentistry is proud to offer metal-free zirconia implants. These implants give you the ability to have dental implants that are biocompatible with your bone and gums, without metal. And now a new review of the technique shows [...]

“Metal-Free Dentists” Should Offer Metal-Free Dental Implants

There are many dentists out there claiming to be “metal-free” dentists. These dentists will tell you that metal amalgam fillings are dangerous, and that you shouldn’t get metal crowns. But then they will only offer you metal dental implants. On the one hand, it’s true that titanium is a different case from the [...]