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Why Does My Dental Implant Hurt?

After the initial healing period, your dental implant should be comfortable. In fact, you should pretty much forget it’s there most of the time (except, hopefully, when it comes time to clean it). If you develop dental implant pain years later, it’s not a good sign and it demands attention. [...]

Approach Dental Implants in Mexico with Caution

Medical tourism, including dental tourism, is a dangerous bargain that people promote as a double value. Supporters say:  not only do you get a vacation, you get a medical procedure at a lower cost. While we certainly believe it’s reasonable for people to vacation in Mexico, we feel it is our duty to point out [...]

Zirconia Implants Can Help Metal Sensitivity Related to Lyme Disease

The human body isn’t made to take in too many heavy metals. Many metals are necessary in trace amounts to make our bodies function, but if we get too much exposure to metals, especially the wrong metals, it can impact how our body works at a subcellular level. Metal susceptibility isn’t the same for everyone. [...]

Getting Teeth in Time for Your Daughter’s Wedding

September and October are among the most popular months for weddings, according to the Knot.com. With weddings come traveling, eating, drinking, social interactions and a plethora of pictures. If you’re missing most or all of your teeth and are planning on attending a wedding soon, this can be problematic. While dentures are an adequate solution [...]

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How Alcohol Can Increase Your Risk of Dental Implant Complications

There have been fewer studies on the problem than the related one of cigarettes and other tobacco products , but alcohol consumption could very well lead to dental implant complications, such as osteonecrosis . Moderate alcohol consumption should be fine, but consumption during the immediate postsurgical period and excessive alcohol consumption [...]