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Gum Disease

Larger Families Can Mean Fewer Teeth for Moms

Moms are well known for giving everything to their families. It seems that, for women with larger families, that may even include their teeth. That’s according to a new European study that shows women with larger families are more likely to lose teeth than women with smaller families. The findings show that women with three [...]

Oral Health Side Effects to Look out for

Your body and your mouth are part of an integrated system. What affects one of them can easily affect the other, so it’s not a surprise that many medications you may be taking for other health conditions can have significant impact on your oral health. Here are some of the oral health side effects that [...]

Gum Disease Risk Cut in Half by Orthodontic Treatment

There are some people who believe that orthodontic treatment can increase your risk of gum disease. But a large new study shows that, over time, the result is the opposite. People who get orthodontics have their gum disease risk cut almost in half! Nutrition, Medical History, and Oral Health [...]

Fat from Oral Bacteria–Not Food–May Be Clogging Your Arteries

We know that a heart attack or stroke is the climactic event following a slow degenerative process called atherosclerosis. In this process, the arteries scar, harden, and clog with fatty deposits. Scientists have long believed that the source of the artery-clogging fat was the food that we ate. But research hasn’t confirmed that eating a [...]