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In Maya Mythology Bad Dentures Made a God Die of Shame

We've already talked about the amazing feats performed by Maya cosmetic dentists, but it isn't just in practice that the Maya were focused on the importance of cosmetic dentistry. The centrality of good teeth is enshrined in the Popol Vuh, the Maya book of the people, which contains the most complete instance [...]

New Dentures Can Make It More Fun to Enjoy California Highways This Summer

When a Spanish motorcycle rider stopped traffic to look for his dentures on one of the country's busiest highways, it got played as a gag by a lot of news outlets. Apparently, the rider had sneezed, causing his dentures to fly out on the highway. But if you're a motorcycle rider who has [...]

Denture Intolerance and Denture Allergies

Are you having trouble adjusting to your new dentures? Do you think you might be allergic to dentures? This is possible, but it is a very rare condition. Instead, you need to consider other possible causes for your denture problems.   Poor Fit Poorly fitting dentures are all too common, and they cause what most [...]

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