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Fear of Holes, Missing Teeth, & Black Triangles

The Internet is such an amazing advancement in technology that it continues to have unforeseen benefits, especially in terms of expanding our knowledge about people and their feelings (good and bad) about the wonderful variety of our world. For instance, who knew that something like pictures of a Grumpy Cat could be so popular that [...]

Will Robots Make Good Dentists?

The introduction of a robot for placing dental implants makes us wonder whether robots will eventually become dentists, and, if they do, will they be good at it? We’ve already talked about what makes a talented cosmetic dentist, so let’s see how robots might fare. Precise Movements This is, of course, the thing [...]

What Physiognomy Said about Teeth

Physiognomy can mean your facial features themselves or it can refer to the ancient art of interpreting facial features to predict a person's character or their future. In addition to things like a person's nose, cheeks, and lips, physiognomy read symbolic meaning into the shape, size, and appearance of a person's teeth. What it said [...]

Jewel Inlays by the Cosmetic Dentists of the Maya

Although scientific dentistry is a relatively recent innovation, cosmetic dentists developed their art alongside more primitive forms of the art thousands of years ago. One great example is the Maya, who shaped their teeth and inlaid them with jade, pyrite, and other gemstones. No Anesthesia and No Power Drills The Maya civilization began [...]

World’s Oldest Dental Infection Explained

Actually, as it turns out, maybe dinosaurs did need dentists, or some of them, anyway. A recent discovery of the world's oldest dental abscess shows that tooth decay has long been a problem for land animals, and it explains why we have to live with the risk of dental decay instead of constantly [...]