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Cracks Are a Major Threat to Your Teeth

Cracks are the third leading cause of tooth loss, after gum disease and tooth decay. And most people have at least one cracked tooth, although they may not know it. It’s important to see us regularly to identify cracked teeth before they fracture and may be beyond help. We can perform a close examination of [...]

Signs That Your Restorations Are Too Old

Modern dental restorations are highly durable, and they can last a long time. Many are expected to last decades. However, few of them can last forever. Dental implants, of course, are the exception, and even then restorations on top of implants like bridges and crowns may need to be replaced. But [...]

Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even Dental Crowns

When we’re placing your dental crown, we might refer to the final restoration as your “permanent” crown. This isn’t meant to be taken literally, because dental crowns just can’t be permanent, but are designed to be very long-lasting. With proper maintenance, many of them may last the rest of your life, but that [...]

“Metal-Free Dentists” Should Offer Metal-Free Dental Implants

There are many dentists out there claiming to be “metal-free” dentists. These dentists will tell you that metal amalgam fillings are dangerous, and that you shouldn’t get metal crowns. But then they will only offer you metal dental implants. On the one hand, it’s true that titanium is a different case from the [...]

Why Is My New Dental Work Sensitive?

If you come to your dentist with a problem, such as a chipped tooth or some tooth decay, your dentist is supposed to fix it, not create a new problem. But sometimes it happens that you come from your dentist’s office with as much or more soreness or sensitivity than before. This doesn't necessarily mean [...]

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