Cosmetic Dentistry

Smartphones Reduce Interactions and Smiles between Strangers

We know that smartphones are changing the way we interact with people around the world. Combined with social media, we are now able to interact with “friends” no matter where or when we find ourselves. We are also spending more time engaging with articles, games, and other distractions instead of engaging our immediate surroundings. But [...]

Is Your Smile Really Less Attractive?

One of the most common reasons why people seek cosmetic dentistry is because they perceive that their smile is less attractive than others around them. However, this perception is often mistaken. Here are some common reasons why people mistakenly believe that their smile is less attractive than other people’s. Selfies Can Be Deceiving These days, [...]

Dental Tourism Turns to Horror for Glamour Girl

We have talked about the potential risks related to traveling to Mexico for dental implants. However, it’s just as risky to travel to other places for dental work, as British glamour girl Katie Price discovered to her dismay. Upon returning from a trip to Turkey to get porcelain veneers, Price experienced a [...]

Gum Disease Risk Cut in Half by Orthodontic Treatment

There are some people who believe that orthodontic treatment can increase your risk of gum disease. But a large new study shows that, over time, the result is the opposite. People who get orthodontics have their gum disease risk cut almost in half! Nutrition, Medical History, and Oral Health [...]

California Dentists Express Concern about DIY Teeth Whitening

There are good reasons why everyone wants whiter teeth. Whiter teeth make you look younger, healthier, more successful, and more attractive. Having whiter teeth can help you get a date, get a job, or get a raise. So who wouldn’t want a whiter smile? The only question is: how to get it? [...]

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