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Rice Dentistry Makes Your Appointments Easier with State-Of-The-Art Technology

Technology continues to transform our world, and dentistry is no exception. Modern advances in the field of dentistry give us tools that we could never have imagined a few decades ago. If you are considering visiting a dentist, it’s important to choose one who takes full advantage of the dental progress that has transformed [...]

The 5 Steps to Take If a Porcelain Veneer Falls Off

are a great way to beautify your smile. They look natural, are easy to care for, and should last a long time. Which is why it can be very shocking if a veneer falls off. This is an uncommon situation, but it does happen--and it doesn’t always mean the veneer is lost. [...]

Your Smile Is a Good Investment for Young Professionals in Irvine Spectrum

One of the things that makes Irvine such a dynamic community is the prevalence of young professionals who are drawn to the area because of the many exciting, challenging, and lucrative tech jobs in the area. In fact, so many tech professionals have settled in Irvine that they have established a kind of enclave, [...]

Dr. Rice Named a Clinical Instructor at the Prestigious Kois Center in Seattle

is happy to announce that he recently moved from being a (a prestigious dental clinical program) to Clinical Instructor. There are only 79 Kois Instructors on earth, so this is an outstanding achievement! Dr. Rice has become an integral part of the Kois Center and can now serve as an [...]

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Rice Dentistry Named Top Dentist in Orange County

A panel of experts has determined that is one of the top 10 , according to Choice Professionals as reported by the Orange County Register. This award represents a real honor, and it’s not the first time Dr. Scott Rice has received the honor, nor is it likely to be the [...]

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