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Captain Marvel Mocks Smile Critics with Blockbuster Opening Weekend

When the trailer debuted, Captain Marvel ran into a major obstacle. Trolls complained that the heroine Carol Danvers just didn’t smile enough. Instead, she seemed dour and that made the movie seem unappealing. Some people went so far as to photoshop images of the star, Brie Larson, to add a smile. This put the film [...]

Teeth Take Center Stage at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are seen as the official kickoff to the Hollywood awards season. They are known to be a night of pageantry, high fashion, and teeth. Well, they aren’t known for that last one. But this week, teeth were certainly in focus at the Golden Globe ceremony, and not because of another Katy Perry’s Embarrassing Smile Moment at the iHeart Music Awards

Smile and Jump Higher: Remembering Local Legend Donald McKayle

Modern dance pioneer Donald McKayle left a tremendous mark on the world of dance, partly through his teaching and outreach a the University of California at Irvine. He made his professional debut in 1948, and joined the UCI faculty in 1989. For nearly 30 years, he was a fixture of our community, a major positive [...]

Celebrities Who Still Wear Their Retainers

One of the benefits of orthodontics is that you can enjoy the benefits of straight teeth for life. But you do have to take care of the results to make sure that they last. All this requires is wearing your retainer to keep your teeth in the proper alignment. At first, you’ll [...]

Is Your Smile Really Less Attractive?

One of the most common reasons why people seek cosmetic dentistry is because they perceive that their smile is less attractive than others around them. However, this perception is often mistaken. Here are some common reasons why people mistakenly believe that their smile is less attractive than other people’s. Selfies Can Be Deceiving These days, [...]