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Finding the Best Solution to Your Black Triangles

An attractive smile is a healthy balance between the teeth, gums, lips, and negative space in your mouth. But there’s one thing that can really throw off the appearance of your smile: the formation of black triangles between your teeth. These black triangles form around the bases of your teeth, showing the spaces between [...]

Treating Receding Gums from Bulimia and GERD

It’s commonly acknowledged that stomach acid is damaging to tooth enamel. Regular exposure to stomach acid can cause the erosion of dental enamel, resulting in teeth that are weakened and discolored. These damaged teeth are easily seen and present a cosmetic problem as well as a health problem. What most people [...]

6 Causes of Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is different from tooth decay. It’s when your enamel is lost because of chemical and mechanical damage. While damage from tooth decay is localized to specific areas and can be treated with simple tooth-colored fillings, tooth wear is more likely to need treatment with dental crowns and possibly an entire smile makeover [...]

A Hopeful Message about Bulimia Teeth Damage

Millions of American women struggle with bulimia nervosa, one of the most damaging eating disorders. Many of these women experience extensive damage to their teeth as a result of their purging behavior. Like bulimia itself, this tooth damage can be discouraging, and it can seem an insurmountable obstacle. That’s why it’s nice to read the [...]

A New Necklace Could Help Protect Your Teeth by Hearing What You Eat

When it comes to wearable tech, there are many devices out there that can help you with weight loss, sleep, and other aspects of your health, but not much that is designed to watch out for your oral health. Now, a new development from the University of Buffalo might help fill that gap, although, admittedly, [...]

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Teeth Whitening Ban about More Than Profits

We have to take issue with a recent opinion piece by Adam B. Summers in the Orange County Register claiming that the only reason why dentists want to restrict teeth whitening is because of their profit motive. Although it is true that dentists do make money from teeth whitening (news flash: reporters make [...]

Will Acidic Food Damage My Veneers?

If you have an acidic diet, you can experience significant erosion of your teeth. One of the best treatments for this type of damage is porcelain veneers, which can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth, replacing damaged and worn enamel with highly attractive porcelain. But if you continue [...]

Will Skinny Model Ban Help in Bulimia Fight?

There's no doubt that presenting young women and girls with the image of the super skinny model contributes to the problems of an unrealistic body image which can lead to bulimia. But there is some doubt that the actions France is taking by banning skinny models on the runway will actually help resolve [...]

Bulimic’s Warning: Your First Root Canal

Photo used with permission by Dr. Jeremy Kemp Bulimia nervosa can be very damaging to teeth. The stomach acid that enters the mouth as a result of purging episodes will erode your dental enamel, leaving the teeth discolored and vulnerable to cracking, breaking, and loss. Unfortunately, bulimia teeth damage isn't always [...]

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