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Black Triangles

5 Causes of Tooth Gaps and How to Treat Them

Are you unhappy with the appearance of gaps in your smile? If so, you might be considering treatment options to close the gaps. However, the best option for closing the gaps in your smile depends on the cause of the gaps. Here are five different types of gaps and how best to close them.  Best [...]

Fear of Holes, Missing Teeth, & Black Triangles

The Internet is such an amazing advancement in technology that it continues to have unforeseen benefits, especially in terms of expanding our knowledge about people and their feelings (good and bad) about the wonderful variety of our world. For instance, who knew that something like pictures of a Grumpy Cat could be so popular that [...]

Finding the Best Solution to Your Black Triangles

An attractive smile is a healthy balance between the teeth, gums, lips, and negative space in your mouth. But there’s one thing that can really throw off the appearance of your smile: the formation of black triangles between your teeth. These black triangles form around the bases of your teeth, showing the spaces between your [...]

Do You Want to Get Rid of Black Triangles in Your Smile?

Although receding gums can show off the unattractive cementum of your tooth roots, it's often something else that you notice first: black triangles that begin to appear between your teeth. These triangles can be unsightly, but you don't have to live with them--they can be corrected to give you a renewed, more attractive [...]