Minor Damage and Provisional Bulimia Teeth Repair

For minor damage caused by bulimia, Irvine cosmetic dentists can perform simple repairs using tooth-colored filling material. In cases where erosion has occurred at the gum line due to receding gums, BioClear veneers can be used to restore the appearance of your smile.

Provisional repairs may be necessary if you are currently undergoing treatment for bulimia, as it may take several months or even years to fully recover. During this time, if you still engage in purging, your teeth may continue to suffer damage. Although provisional repairs are not a permanent solution, they can slow down the damage to your teeth and preserve them until a permanent solution can be implemented

Long-Term Bulimia Teeth Repair

When it comes to repairing teeth damaged by bulimia, as an Irvine cosmetic dentist, we take into account various factors to decide the best approach for restoring your teeth. Since bulimia can cause severe wear on the teeth, we may need to rebuild them to their original height. Additionally, we consider the remaining natural tooth material, the position of the tooth, bite forces, and the final appearance of the restored tooth. We understand that bulimia may lead to tooth sensitivity, so we might use minimal-prep solutions to prepare the tooth for restoration.

We may use tooth-colored filling material, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns in long-term bulimia teeth repair. Typically, bulimia damages the backs of your teeth first, which may cause significant harm that is not immediately visible. Therefore, our assessment of the extent of the damage will include examining the tooth’s position and structure, as well as cosmetic considerations. If you want to restore your teeth to their former glory, please call us at (949) 551-5902 to schedule an appointment with Rice Dentistry today.

Can a Tooth Be Saved?

When it comes to bulimia teeth repair, our priority is to save your natural teeth whenever possible. In some cases, this may involve performing a root canal, which has a high success rate but may not always preserve the tooth, especially for those with bulimia. In such cases, we may recommend dental implants. While bulimia can cause gum irritation, it usually does not damage the bone necessary for dental implant support. However, long-term malnutrition from bulimia can contribute to osteoporosis, so we will carefully evaluate the implant site.

If you’re looking for personalized bulimia teeth repair recommendations in Irvine, please schedule an appointment by calling (949) 551-5902 for an Irvine cosmetic dentist at Rice Dentistry.