It’s important for people to do at least some research on medical treatments they are undergoing. You have to at least be aware of what your doctor or dentist is recommending and whether it’s appropriate for your situation. But when it comes to dental implants, should you research the type of dental implant your dentist is going to use and try to determine if it’s the right one?

Many Kinds of Dental Implants

If you start researching this question, you will quickly find that it’s a rabbit hole. There are different types of surfaces, including smooth and roughened, with different roughening techniques, too. There are different materials (mostly titanium alloys, but ceramic implants, too), different lengths, widths, and different shapes. There are even different screw thread shapes. In all, there are over a thousand different options.

So how do you know which is the best option? One way is to look at all the science that’s out there studying the different types of dental implants to determine which ones perform better. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that, because it’s already been done.

The Cochrane Library recently conducted a systematic review of all studies comparing different dental implant factors, including rough, smooth, different shapes, etc. They found about 27 studies that fit their criteria. When they looked at the studies, they found out that there was not enough data to determine that one or another style of dental implant was better than the others.

Find an Implant Dentist You Trust

What do we take away from this conclusion? First, that there probably should be more research into these questions to come up with a more definite answer (and hopefully less biased research, the Cochrane review found that 15 of the studies had high risk of bias, and only two had low risk of bias, with 10 not giving enough information to make a conclusion). However, with the overall high rates of dental implant success, it’s not certain that this is a pressing concern. 

It also means you don’t have to look over your dentist’s shoulder when he’s making this decision. Take the time to find an implant dentist you trust, and trust them to make this decision. Likely they will choose the dental implant that they have found to work best in their experience, and that dental implant will likely give you great results. After all, there is definite evidence that your implant dentist makes a difference.

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