The best start to improving your oral health is getting a good idea about what might be wrong. That’s why a new breath analysis gadget from Breathometer could be a breath of fresh air for everyone around you–and a boon for your oral and general health, too, as it can give you warning about gum disease and other oral health conditions.

Self-Contained Analytic Tool

Photo of a pretty blonde woman, smiling in front of a gray backgroundThe small unit, named, appropriately, Mint, is a small green unit shaped something like a whoopie cushion. You hold the rounded body and place the narrow opening into your mouth. A tiny vacuum then sucks in air from your mouth and the unit performs an analysis on it, giving you scores for both hygiene and hydration.

This information is then sent to your smartphone, where you can read it using the free Breathometer App.

The analytic tool’s measurements are both simple and useful. The first measure, the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth, reflects both the quality of your breath and the level of your hygiene. Volatile sulfur compounds are very smelly, they’re primarily responsible for your bad breath. They are also mostly generated by anaerobic bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria accumulate in areas where they are less likely to be exposed to oxygen–in multiple layers or bacterial biofilm, below the gumline, and even inside an infected tooth. The smell tells you if you’re adequately cleaning your mouth or if you might have an infection.

Hydration is important for oral health because without adequate liquid your body can’t produce adequate saliva, which helps your body control oral bacteria in your mouth.

A Tool in Development

Sadly, though, you can’t just run out and buy one of these devices for yourself. They’re still in development, and might never get made if they don’t get adequate funding of their Indiegogo campaign. On the plus side, funders are able to participate in the early trials and development of the device.

In the meantime, though, we can help you identify breath problems and get proper treatment. Please call (949) 551-5902 for an appointment with an Orange County dentist at Rice Dentistry in Irvine.