Many people feel self-conscious about their orthodontic treatments. They don’t want others to know or comment on their teeth straightening. But an editor at the British tabloid The Sun has decided to write a confessional about her decision to straighten her teeth.

The reason? She wants others to see how happy she is that she made the decision and to encourage others to defy convention and get their teeth straightened if they want it.

Blame It on Selfies

Editor Sinead McIntyre had often felt self-conscious about her smile. But she had been encouraged by a friend, who said that he loved her crooked teeth. He said, “They make you you.” That was many years ago, and it served to help her live with her crooked smile.

But that changed when she reached her 40s. She began to notice that more and more people around her had straight, attractive teeth. She started to pay more attention to straight teeth.

She didn’t decide to act on this, however, until a friend took a selfie with the two of them together. Looking at the close-up picture, she was shocked by the appearance of her teeth, which were not just crooked, but also stained from coffee and red wine. What made it really stand out was that her friend’s teeth were bright and straight. This made Ms. McIntyre decide it was time to get her teeth straightened.

Getting Past the Resistance

When she decided to get her teeth straightened, she knew she wasn’t alone. She knew four friends who had gotten braces as adults. She also knew that her dentist had reported that 80% of inquiries about braces were from people over the age of 35.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get resistance. Her mother thought it was ridiculous, and her husband accused her of wanting plastic surgery next.

She also got resistance from some dentists that insisted she should straighten both her upper and lower arches. But she was mostly concerned about the appearance of her upper teeth–the only ones that showed when she smiled.

She also opted for Invisalign, which has many benefits for adults and is very different from traditional braces. She was able to get the procedure completed in just 18 weeks–less than five months!

“Absolutely Worth It”

And how does Ms. McIntyre feel about her results now that they’re complete? She is delighted. When she sent her mother a smiling selfie bragging about her new smile, her mother responded, “Whatever makes you happy.” And that is exactly how she felt: her new smile wasn’t just beautiful–it made her happy.

Ms. McIntyre’s situation can be very instructive for people considering straightening their teeth. If your crooked teeth are making you unhappy, maybe it’s time to do something about it. It’s important to know that getting your teeth straightened is not the same as it was in the past. It can be faster, more convenient, and, yes, even cheaper than it was in the past.

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