At the request of the American Dental Association (ADA), we are not performing cosmetic dentistry and other elective dental procedures during the current novel coronavirus pandemic. This is both to help stop the spread of the virus, and to let us handle more emergency dentistry patients so that hospital emergency departments can save their resources for COVID-19 cases. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress in planning your new smile, thanks to our virtual consultations

Here’s how it works.

Young female sitting at computer during a consult with the dentist

Step 1: Upload a Photo

In order to give you feedback on your smile, we need to see it. For most cosmetic dentistry, it’s best to send us a selfie that includes a big smile. But it shouldn’t be just your smile–your smile should be a harmonious part of your face, and if you send us a picture that includes your smile and face, we can tell you, for example, whether you might be able to achieve some facelift effects with cosmetic dentistry. 

If you have specific concerns about a tooth that’s not visible when you smile (but perhaps is when you talk, for example), it might be better to send us a picture of that area. We might, however, request full smile pictures down the road. 

Step 2: Tell Us Your Goals

We will be able to see your smile and could plan procedures based on the appearance alone, but what we really want to do is give you a smile that will make you happy. To do that, we have to know what you are looking for in a smile makeover. 

Tell us what bothers you about your smile. Tell us what you want to change. Tell us what you want to keep. Some people, for example, want to straighten some of their teeth but preserve the gap between their front teeth. Others might want to close a gap in their smile but maintain a snaggletooth that they or their significant other finds attractive. Your smile makeover can be tailored to your specific goals. Just tell us. 

Step 3: Customized Recommendations

After we receive your picture and goals, cosmetic dentist Dr. Taylor Rice will perform a detailed analysis of your smile and send you recommendations for how to proceed. Sometimes we’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan right away. Sometimes we will present you with a number of options and you can decide how to proceed. Other times we might need more information, and we’ll tell you specifically what that is. 

Once we have a good idea about your treatment plan, we will recommend a next step. That might be scheduling an in-person consultation or it might be further virtual consultation. 

Don’t Put Your Smile Dreams on Hold

If you have long been dreaming about a new, beautiful smile, you don’t have to wait any longer to get started making them a reality. With our virtual consultation, you can make progress on your smile makeover today. 

Please use our virtual consultation page or call (949) 551-5902 today to learn more about how our Orange County cosmetic dentists can help you at Rice Dentistry in Irvine.