If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you should realize that you can achieve virtually any appearance you desire. Your teeth can be made much larger, and, essentially, as white as you want them to be. They can be any shape and proportion you request. There are few limits to what we can do with the technology and techniques of modern cosmetic dentistry.

But there are very good reasons why we might not want to do something just because we can. Instead, we often want to make very subtle changes in your appearance to achieve a natural smile, one that looks like you’ve had it all along. Here’s why.

Cosmetic dentistry should look natural


Most of us don’t want to advertise that we’ve had cosmetic dentistry. Instead, the goal is to get a great-looking smile that seems as effortless as the subtle makeup and casual outfit you just “threw on.”

If you want to be able to keep your secret–and believe us, we won’t tell!–you want cosmetic dentistry that looks natural. A tooth color that is within the range of natural tooth appearance for someone your age. Your tooth size and shape should be consistent with your facial size, facial shape, and other factors.


You have to wear your restorations every day, so it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable. And one big factor is that they should be the same size as your natural teeth. If they’re too large, they will feel uncomfortable, and, potentially, could lead to jaw problems.

That’s why we will always strive to make restorations that fit, not just visually, but physically with your natural tooth structure. Which is not to say that we can’t enlarge your teeth with cosmetic dentistry, just that we want to do so with care.

Only Natural Looks Good

You might think that if white teeth are good, then whiter teeth are better, and the whitest teeth are the best, but it’s not necessarily true. When doing research on another aspect of attractiveness, a researcher noted, “Our visual system is a sensitive lie detector that perceives even the slightest inconsistencies and responds negatively to them.” In other words, attractiveness depends on all the visual elements being harmonious.

That means that we don’t want to give you teeth that are too white for your complexion or your age, because these will make your teeth stand out, which will defeat the purpose. Instead of being attractive, teeth that are too white simply look unnatural, a lie, and therefore, not attractive.

We Deliver Natural Results

When you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, always take a careful look at the results in their smile gallery. You want to see results that are natural, subtle, and attractive. It’s a delicate balance, and not all cosmetic dentists can achieve it.

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