We’ve talked before about the link between obesity and tooth loss. We’ve also talked about the dangers of soft drinks to your teeth. Now it turns out that soft drinks are the key link between the two health problems of obesity and tooth wear.

That’s according to new research from King’s College London published in the journal Clinical Oral Investigations.

A person pouring a high calorie, sugary soda for a plump fatty woman eating a lot junk food in background. We all know that Soft Drinks affect your Oral and Overall Health - so how can you help your teeth?

Health Risks in the US

Although researchers in London conducted the research, the data they used is from the national Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-4. This representative sample of 3541 patients in the US represents a periodic “snapshot” of many different aspects of health and risk in the US. The study includes a combination of health exams as well as interviews about diet, based on 24-hour recall.

For this study, researchers looked at the BMI of subjects and compared it to their level of tooth wear. They found that the consumption of acidic soft drinks, including both soda and fruit juices, contributed to tooth wear in obese subjects. The association persisted despite the increased risk of reflux disease in obese patients.

Give Up Soft Drinks for Oral and Overall Health

Tooth wear is one of the most serious conditions affecting your oral health. Tooth enamel is precious: once it’s gone, the body can’t replace it. It’s easy for acidic drinks to remove minerals faster than the body can restore them, leading to excessive chemical erosion and physical wear on teeth. Softened teeth are also prone to chipping and cracking. Repair of badly worn or eroded teeth can be expensive, requiring extensive reconstructive dentistry or even the extraction and replacement of damaged teeth.

In addition, obesity is one of the most serious risk factors for your overall health. Moderate obesity could take three years off your life, while severe obesity could reduce your life by as much as 20 years due to cardiovascular and cancer risks.

Given that soft drinks are now linked to both these conditions, it is time to consider giving up these sugary beverages.

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