man posing and smiling while taking a selfieIf you are unhappy with your smile, you might be considering a smile makeover. However, there might be one thing that holds you back: dental anxiety. You might be concerned that getting a smile makeover means you’ll need to spend a lot of time getting extensive invasive dental procedures in the dental chair.

Don’t let that thought keep you from getting the beautiful smile that will give you the confidence to speak, eat, laugh, and take selfies without covering your teeth.  We know how to achieve great results from a smile makeover that doesn’t require extensive or invasive dental procedures. We also treat all patients with compassion and gentleness to make the process even more comfortable for patients with anxiety.

Noninvasive Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have dental anxiety, you should be comforted to know that several cosmetic dentistry approaches can improve your smile without being invasive. These procedures can straighten teeth, lengthen them, reshape them, and brighten them without cutting or grinding your teeth.

One of these procedures most people don’t know about is BioClear. BioClear is a composite dental veneer made of a flowable resin with suspended inclusions for strength. We don’t have to alter your teeth to install BioClear restorations. Instead, we use a simple sheet of micro-thin mylar to create a mold around the teeth we want to reshape. Then we pour the flowable resin into the mold, where it forms your new tooth shape. We can use this to brighten, reshape, and extend your teeth. We can also use it to close gaps between teeth and fill in black triangles.

If you have more straightening than is practical to correct with BioClear, we might recommend Invisalign. Unlike braces, which we bond to your teeth in a time-consuming procedure, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that you can put in and take out at home. There are fewer dental appointments, and they’ll be short, simple check-ins when you have them.

Plus, let’s not forget teeth whitening. It’s not ideal for everyone, but professional-strength whitening can do much more for your smile than over-the-counter solutions. Combine it with Invisalign and perhaps a couple of BioClear veneers to completely transform your smile with nothing but non-invasive cosmetic dentistry.

Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry

If your dental anxiety is mild enough that you can handle some minimally invasive dentistry, you have even more options for improving your smile. If you are unhappy because your teeth are too short, crown lengthening, also called gum recontouring, can help. Modern gum recontouring uses a laser. This makes the procedure faster with minor discomfort. Often, gum recontouring takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

If gum recontouring seems too much for you, porcelain veneers can attractively lengthen, reshape, and brighten your teeth. We know: if you look on the Internet,  you might find images of veneer preparation that look like teeth ground down to nubs. However, we don’t need to do that for your veneers.

Modern dental restorations are much stronger than in the past. This lets them achieve the same results with much thinner veneers. At Rice Dentistry, we utilize digital planning software to help us plan your veneers, so your teeth need only minimal preparation. We have two outstanding cosmetic dentists who are talented and draw on extensive training and experience to prepare your teeth skillfully. We will remove only a tiny amount of material from your teeth to make room for veneers. In some cases, we might not have to remove any. We’ll be able to tell you before we start how much we might have to prepare your teeth so you can decide if you are comfortable with it or if you want to look at other options.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help

However, we also understand that for some people, dental anxiety is too much to let you simply get cosmetic dentistry procedures. In that case, we offer sedation dentistry options. Sedation can help you get past your dental anxiety to get the dental procedures you want or need for a healthy, attractive smile.

You can feel confident getting sedation at Rice Dentistry. Dr. Scott Rice is certified by the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and the California State Board for Oral Sedation. He has over 20 years of experience treating patients with sedation and works with board-certified anesthesiologists when using IV sedation or general anesthesia. He believes in never taking chances or risks. If he thinks there are risks, he won’t do the procedure. If he chooses to do a procedure, you can have complete confidence in its safety.

Great Smile Makeovers in Irvine

If you are unhappy with your smile but dental anxiety is holding you back from getting a smile makeover, let Rice Dentistry help. We offer non-invasive procedures and minimally invasive options for your smile makeover. Plus, our compassionate care can help you feel comfortable. When necessary, we will safely provide sedation dentistry.

We believe that everyone deserves a smile that can show off with pride and that dental anxiety should be no barrier to that. To learn more about how we can help you get a smile makeover, please call (949) 238-6745 or use our online form today to request an appointment at Rice Dentistry in Irvine, CA.