While your smile is intensely personal, and there is no one who sees your smile as much as you do, your spouse or partner comes very close. And the opposite is true: you spend a lot of time looking at their smile, too.

Since this is the case, if you are considering a smile makeover, it might be a good idea to talk to your significant other and see if they would like to go through the experience with you.

Should Couples Get Smile Makeovers Together

Do They Want One Too?

While couples share many personal thoughts and talk about a wide range of subjects, it’s likely that you haven’t spent much (if any) time talking to your spouse about the possibility of getting a smile makeover. You might not know how they feel about their smile and whether they might like the idea of getting their smile fixed, too.

So, when you talk to them about getting a smile makeover (as you should do early in the process), ask them if they would like to get one as well. You might be surprised to learn that even though you think their smile is beautiful, they might not be any happier with it than you are with yours.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Getting a smile makeover can require a significant amount of work. Having someone to share the load can really help.

In particular, it’s important to take the time to choose your cosmetic dentist carefully. This means visiting numerous websites, looking at reviews and before-and-after images, and scheduling and attending consultations. Being able to split this work up can make it much easier to find a dentist who can give you the results you are looking for.

Sharing the Experience

One of the best things about being a couple is having someone to share activities with. Why should your smile makeover be any different. If you are the kind of couple that enjoys traveling together, shopping together, and growing together, then you’ll probably enjoy going through cosmetic dentistry together.

Besides, it makes it easier if you both have the same types of experiences at the same time. For example, temporary veneers aren’t as strong as permanent ones, so it’s better if one of you isn’t freely enjoying toffee while the other is forced to abstain because of temporaries. The same thing is true of orthodontics, which can make you sore and wanting to eat some softer food. If you both feel the same way, there will be less disputes about what’s on the menu.

The Couple That Smiles Together

It’s also important to acknowledge that for all the positive effects of a smile makeover, there can sometimes be negative effects. Getting smile makeovers together can avoid these.

For example, when one member of a couple gets a smile makeover, the other one might feel left behind, or perhaps they feel that the one person has been overly indulgent on themselves. If you are both getting a smile makeover, you won’t feel this way.

In addition, couples are happiest together when they feel they are equally attractive. If one person gets a smile makeover and the other doesn’t it can disrupt this feeling, which can lead to further tensions and problems in the future. But if a couple gets smile makeovers together, it’s easier to maintain their sense that they belong together.

Considering a Smile Makeover in Irvine (or Two)?

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