There are basically 2 ways to practice dentistry.  One is called repair dentistry, which is the dentistry you’re used to, and the other is called complete dentistry, which is dentistry done right.

What Is Repair Dentistry?

Repair dentistry is what 95% of dentists do.  That is what we are taught in dental school.  The way repair dentistry works is that if you have a problem- you get it repaired.  Then you go home to wait until another problem shows up–and it will–and you go back to get that repaired. You spend your whole life going back and forth having your teeth repaired.

The problem with repair dentistry is that you wind up at age 70 with your teeth in “ill-repair” having spent a fortune on your mouth over your lifetime.

What Makes Complete Dentistry Different?

Complete dentistry is the type of dentistry offered by

Dr. Rice.  Complete dentistry addresses all the issues and concerns in order to get your mouth in maximum health all at one time.  Studies have shown that it is easier and less expensive to maintain something in a state of health than something in a constant state of repair.

You wind up at age 70 with complete dentistry and your mouth in good shape and you haven’t nearly spent as much money over your lifetime.  The only problem is that you spend it up front to get it healthy to begin with.

Understanding the Value of Complete Dentistry

The value of complete dentistry is much greater than repair dentistry over time. Not only will you tend to spend less money over time, you’ll get better use out of your teeth. Repair dentistry leaves you with a mouth that is constantly teetering on the edge of breakdown. It feels like it, too, with soreness in the jaw, an uncomfortable bite, and other symptoms of a less-than-optimal configuration of teeth. And it shows, too.

When breakdowns occur, such as cracked teeth, you wind up with dental emergencies that are not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, they’re expensive.

Complete dentistry gives you a smile that is more attractive, more comfortable, less prone to breakdowns, and longer-lasting overall.

Your Choice Makes All the Difference

So in your life you’ve been down the road that I call “Repair Dentistry” and today you come to my office and two roads diverge. You can continue down the road of repair dentistry with its expected breakdowns and problems. Or you can take the road less traveled, the road of complete dentistry that is intended to avoid breakdowns so you and your teeth stay healthy. Only you can make this decision.

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