A recent study showed that a full 20% of Britons admit that they don’t brush their teeth on weekends. Although this is a British study based on a survey of 2000 people, it’s likely that the answers would be similar among a US population. But this oral hygiene failing can be very damaging to your oral health.

closeup of woman brushing her teeth

Why People Don’t Brush on the Weekends

Why wouldn’t people brush on weekends? There are many reasons. One is that people look at toothbrushing as part of their routine for going out. If they’re not going out, a quarter of Britons said they wouldn’t brush.

Another quarter of non-brushers said that it was hangovers that kept them from brushing. Admittedly, a hangover can make it more unpleasant to brush, but it’s not a good excuse, as we’ll see.

But the most common reason why people don’t brush on the weekend? They just couldn’t be bothered, according to 40% of those who reported not brushing on weekends.

Why It’s More Important to Brush on Weekends

Although it might be tempting to take it easy and not brush on the weekends, there are many good reasons why brushing on the weekends might be more important.

First, your eating habits are going to change on the weekends. People between the ages of 19 and 50 consume about 100 Calories more each weekend day. This doesn’t just mean larger meals, it can mean more snacking. The more snacking you do on the weekend, the more likely you are to feed oral bacteria throughout the day, increasing your risk of tooth decay.

You’re also likely to consume more alcohol on the weekend (as evidenced by people blaming hangovers for not brushing teeth). Alcohol can be very damaging to your oral health. It dehydrates you (especially if you drink to excess), which decreases your saliva production, leading to an acidic environment in your mouth. This damages your teeth and promotes the growth of oral bacteria.

Sleeping in can also be bad for your mouth. Many people use the weekend to catch up on their sleep, but too much sleeping can be bad for your oral health. When you sleep, your production of saliva drops, creating a dry mouth environment where bacteria can thrive. Brushing your teeth before bed helps control bacteria levels. If you skip brushing, your long weekend naps can be damaging for your teeth.

A Good Team to Protect Your Teeth

Plaque never rests, and neither should your oral hygiene. Do your part to take good care of your teeth, and find a dental home where they are just as dedicated to the health and beauty of your teeth as you are.

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