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Research Confirms: Crooked Teeth Make Life Worse

Many people who consider straightening their teeth never do. Often, they either postpone it indefinitely or just decide that it won’t make a difference, so it’s not worth it. Of course, we’ve looked at many ways in which straightening your teeth can make a difference. It can improve your oral health as [...]

Lack Bone for Implants? Two Different Approaches Have High Success

One of our concerns when placing dental implants is the amount of bone you have to support the implants. Not having enough bone at the implant site doesn’t mean you can’t get implants. In fact, we have multiple options for replacing your teeth with implants. If you’ve lost [link id='758' text='all your [...]

Not All Crowns Are Created Equal

When you are trying to decide on a dentist in Orange County to perform your restorative or cosmetic dentistry, you might talk to several dentists and get quotes. Maybe you notice that the quotes are significantly different for what seems to be the same service. However, there is usually a good explanation [...]

Smiling Is a Social Tool as Much as a Personal Expression

When we’re young, we’re taught that each expression shows a particular emotion: we frown because we’re sad, scowl because we’re angry, and, of course, smile because we’re happy. We’ve already seen how biochemistry inverts this a little bit: we’re partly happy because we smile. But now researchers are claiming that smiles aren’t [...]

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Straighten Your Teeth

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, you might be considering braces or other orthodontic treatments to straighten them. But you might be tempted to put it off. After all, your teeth have been crooked all your life, why would another month or year matter? Especially since you’re never too [...]

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