Dr. Ravon, Irvine PeriodontistAt Rice Dentistry, we have invited periodontist Dr. Nicolas Ravon to work as our in-house specialist on dental implants. Some dentists place their own implants. We believe that it’s important to give our patients the benefit of a specialist’s expertise on a procedure as complicated as dental implants.

Other dentists also use an oral surgeon or periodontist to place dental implants, but few have as close a relationship with their specialist as we do. Here’s why it’s important to make sure your dentist and implant specialist have a close working relationship.


Convenience shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s a measure of how much time your dental implant procedure is going to take out of your busy schedule. Because we have our implant specialist in-house, you don’t have to go to a separate location for  your appointment. Since you don’t have a choice about where you get referred, that separate location can be very far away or hard to reach.

Because our specialist is in-house, all scheduling is centralized. We can easily schedule your implant appointment, restoration appointment, and follow-up appointments all in one place.


Communication is one of the key links in a dental implant procedure that has the potential to cause serious problems. If a cosmetic dentist and an implant dentist aren’t on the same page about a tooth should be replaced, it can lead to serious problems with your implant.

A single-tooth implant that isn’t placed with the proper orientation could mean that the crown the dentist wanted to use won’t fit. Changing the size or shape of the crown can significantly impact the appearance of the final tooth replacement.

In addition, if the crown and implant aren’t properly designed to go together, the force from the crown could negatively impact the implant, reducing its odds of long-term survival.

The ramifications can be even more significant for teeth in a day procedures.


When a dentist and a specialist work closely together, they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In fact, they come to work together in a way where each naturally compensates for the other to the point that they are effectively one unit.

A dentist who refers you out to a specialist may work with multiple specialists, either at different times or at the same time. This doesn’t allow them to develop the kind of syncopated relationship that we have developed in our office, which we believe helps us deliver the best quality to each and every patient. This makes every dental implant the best we can make it, and we believe our patients deserve nothing less.

Cosmetic Dentist and Implant Specialist in One Office

If you are considering dental implants, it’s important to consider how much difference an implant specialist could make for your results. Then consider how important it is to make sure than an implant dentist and cosmetic dentist have a close working relationship.

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