Orthodontic treatment is supposed to help you achieve a more attractive smile with straighter teeth that not only look better, but work better as well. Usually it does, but for a small number of people the result can be unsatisfactory both from its appearance and from its function.

If this describes your situation, you don’t have to despair. It is still possible to get a comfortable, attractive smile.

Limits of Traditional Orthodontic Approach

A traditional orthodontic approach often looks only at the way the teeth sit in relation to one another with the goal of trying to achieve a smile that is “straight.” Sometimes, though, this results in a bite that just doesn’t work.

An example is this case study, in which a woman underwent orthodontic treatment but was unhappy with the results.

Using the Kois deprogrammer, she was found to have occlusal dysfunction. The Kois deprogrammer is a removable appliance that can help your muscles adjust to a more healthy relation with your teeth. The woman in the case study was experiencing grinding of her front teeth because of a poor fit in her back teeth. These larger, stronger teeth often serve as the determiners of your jaw position, and the smaller teeth of your mouth simply must fit the bite they determine, even if this means they must be worn down.

In this case, the woman was able to have her smile restored with porcelain veneers once her malocclusion was corrected.

If You Are Unhappy after Braces

Most of the time, braces give good results, but not always. If you are experiencing discomfort in your mouth, have difficulty chewing, or notice that you don’t like the appearance of your teeth after they’re straightened, Dr. Scott Rice can help you find the ideal bite and appearance.

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