When a Spanish motorcycle rider stopped traffic to look for his dentures on one of the country’s busiest highways, it got played as a gag by a lot of news outlets. Apparently, the rider had sneezed, causing his

dentures to fly out on the highway.

But if you’re a motorcycle rider who has lost your teeth–whether to age, decay, or even a motorcycle accident–this isn’t a joke. It can make a big difference to the quality of your ride.

You Don’t Want to Worry about Dentures when You Ride

dreamstime_xs_37825541You know what having bugs in your teeth means–a happy ride, when you just can’t help smiling because you’re loving the road, the freedom, and the power of riding your bike. When you’re out riding, you just want to enjoy that sensation, not worry about your dentures slipping or falling out.

Cheap and poorly made dentures can slip out while you’re riding, but FOY Dentures®, The Denture Fountain of Youth® are designed to fit better than traditional dentures. This means you can wear them while you’re riding–even if it’s a bumpy ride–and not have to worry about how you’re going to slip them in after a ride before hanging out with your riding buddies.

Avoid Jaw and Neck Pain

Riding your motorcycle can be a workout. It’s not like riding a car where you just sit–you’re partly supporting the bike and you’re sitting up holding your entire body and head upright, too. This is done not just by the muscles in your back and neck–your jaw plays a part, too.

Poorly fitting dentures don’t help your jaw to play their part. This can make it harder to ride, and it can lead to soreness in your neck and jaw.

FOY Dentures™ are designed to effectively perform the role of your teeth, which means they are effective for talking, chewing, and providing jaw and head stability. They can improve the comfort of your ride and make it easier for you to take long trips on your bike that you may have thought were behind you.

You may have lost your teeth, but you don’t have to lose your ride, too. To learn more about FOY Dentures® just work better than traditional dentures, please call 949-238-6745 for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Rice Dentistry in Irvine, California today.