At Rice Dentistry, we have been innovating with the latest dental techniques and technologies for over 30 years. We can recognize the best technologies when they become available, and that’s why we are excited to offer Prettau dental implant bridges.

These new bridges are designed to go over dental implants and be attached just like your natural teeth so you can bite and chew just like normal. They are beautiful, functional, and very strong, which means you can have tooth replacements that really are like your natural teeth in almost every way.

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A More Beautiful Smile

One of the most essential functions of your teeth is looking good. When you’re smiling and when you’re talking, the appearance of your smile matters. Whether you’re saying hello or goodbye, people notice the appearance of your teeth. So it’s vital that your denture look as attractive and natural as possible.

This is one of the things that make Prettau bridges such an exciting technology: they’re so beautiful. The tooth shapes used are designed using the latest insights from cosmetic dentistry into what makes teeth attractive. The ceramic used to make your Prettau bridges are also beautifully translucent and natural in appearance.

The gum tissue on the Prettau bridges is also designed to look very natural. It has a healthy color, with slight variations that mimic the natural changes in gum tissue around tooth roots.

Fully Functional Teeth

When you’re replacing all your natural teeth, it used to be that you had to accept limitations. Either you didn’t have full bite strength, or the dentures wouldn’t stay in place, or the teeth weren’t strong enough. But with Prettau bridges, you can enjoy replacement teeth that are just like your natural teeth.

The bridge is anchored directly to the dental implants. This gives you maximum bite strength–force goes directly from the jaw to the implant to the bridge. And because the bridge is firmly attached, they are never too loose. They won’t slip or twist when you try to bite down–you know they’ll always be in place.

And the strength of the materials means that you can bite down firmly without having to worry that your denture won’t stand the force.

The Strongest Materials Available

Prettau implant bridges are designed to be the most durable tooth replacements available. They are made using the strongest materials available in modern dentistry. The zirconia in the bridge is capable of withstanding up to 238,000 pounds per square inch. That’s an amazing strength, just slightly more than the titanium in the dental implants themselves can withstand. (This is the same material used in metal-free dental implants.)

With this strength, Prettau bridges won’t be damaged in the course of normal wear. Talking, eating, and other things you do every day won’t cause them to chip or wear. That means you can enjoy replacement teeth that really are designed for life.

Are You Ready for Better Dentures?

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional dentures? Loose dentures, broken dentures, chipped dentures, and worn dentures are all disappointments. But with Prettau bridges, we can give you a denture solution that’s really designed to do everything your teeth did and stand up for a lifetime. Learn more about how these compare to other tooth replacement options with this comparison chart.

If you are ready for a tooth replacement that really is like getting your teeth back, please call (949) 551-5902 today for an appointment with an Orange County implant dentist at Rice Dentistry in Irvine.