If you’ve ever had a dental restoration like a dental crown or porcelain veneers in Orange County,  you’ve probably noticed how wonderfully smooth they are. They may even be smoother than your natural teeth!

The smoothness of your dental restorations comes from the extensive effort we go to in creating them, from the dental lab to just a little bit of in-house finishing once it’s in your mouth. Polishing is an essential part of giving you the best restoration.

Improving Longevity of Porcelain Veneer Restorations

Properly polishing your dental restorations helps them to last longer. When the restoration is properly polished, it won’t wear too quickly or unevenly. It will have a better chance of lasting out its expected lifetime.

Preparing veneers correctly also keeps bacteria from clinging to your dental restorations. Just like your natural teeth, restorations can be damaged by plaque, but this is less likely to happen when the restoration is polished and smooth.

Especially important is polishing any edges where the restoration meets your natural tooth material. If it’s not polished smooth, the junction can accumulate food and bacteria, leading to secondary cavities. This is an important part of getting tooth-colored fillings right.

Porcelain Veneers Are More More Comfortable

Your dental restoration isn’t right if it’s making you uncomfortable, which is why it needs to be polished properly. A properly polished restoration is less likely to irritate your tongue or gums. Your gums, especially are prone to irritation if they come in contact with a rough restoration, which can lead to inflammation and even bleeding.

Porcelain Veneers Are Attractive

collage of bright smilesAnd of course it’s important to recognize how much more attractive restorations look when they’re properly polished. You want your restorations to shine like natural teeth, with the same luster and reflectiveness as tooth enamel. Polishing brings out these properties in restorations, making them more natural and more aesthetic.

Our cosmetic dentists in Irvine at Rice Dentistry take care to make sure your restorations are properly handled at every step of the process, from taking your initial impressions to giving them that beautiful finish polish. To learn how our thorough care can give you better restorations, please contact Rice Dentistry today for an appointment.