Most of the patients who come into our practice seeking cosmetic dentistry are women. When we do see men in our practice, there is a good chance that they have been encouraged to come in by their wives or girlfriends.

Unfortunately, men are just not standing up for their smiles. Instead, they are resigning themselves to an unattractive and unhealthy smile. But men need to take charge of their smiles and assert their right to have an attractive smile. Here’s why.

Men should not be afraid to pursue cosmetic dentistry

It’s Beyond Cosmetic

We describe smile makeovers and similar approaches as “cosmetic dentistry,” but it’s beyond cosmetic. Not only will you receive a more beautiful smile, but you’ll experience other benefits as well, especially if your smile has been damaged by cavities or gum disease. Your teeth will be easier to clean helping to prevent the return of oral health problems, and teeth whitening can make it easier to identify decay. And dental crowns can protect damaged teeth from failure related to further decay or cracking.

Dental implants don’t just replace lost teeth, they can protect your neighboring teeth from drifting, and can support them to reduce risk of chipping and cracking.

If you have an infected tooth or gum disease, these represent serious infections that can spread through your body, causing potentially lethal effects. So addressing some of these common oral health conditions as part of a smile makeover will yield benefits far beyond the appearance of your smile.

You Can Save Money

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, but it might be a net benefit for you in the long run. We mentioned above that gum disease and an infected tooth can spread their effects throughout the body. And these health effects are associated with significant medical costs. People who have their gum disease treated can save thousands of dollars a year on diabetes care, heart disease treatment, and stroke treatment. Gum disease treatment might reduce your costs for these conditions and your risk of hospitalization by about 40%!

That means that your smile makeover may actually pay for itself in a few years.

You Can Earn More

And here’s another way your smile makeover can pay for itself: it can boost your pay. Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll see benefits in your job, men with an attractive smile are more likely to be hired, more likely to be offered a higher starting salary, and more likely to be offered a promotion. What researchers call the “beauty premium,” for an attractive smile may make a difference of 4% in your annual income. That’s an average of $2400 for the median household income. Combined with the potential medical savings from your smile makeover, it’s quite likely that your cosmetic dentistry won’t cost nearly as much in the end as it seems at the beginning.

Enjoy a Better Love Life

Did you know that the number one thing women are looking for in a man is an attractive smile. It’s true, so if you’re having difficulty getting dates, that’s one of the most important factors to consider. Bad breath related to gum disease, an infected tooth, or food stuck in your teeth can also contribute to poor romantic success.

But the benefits don’t end if you’re a dedicated husband. If you’ve been dealing with bad breath for a while, you’ve probably noticed that your wife is less likely to kiss you than she used to be. And have you noticed that your “come hither” smile doesn’t work the way it used to? It may be because your smile isn’t as attractive as it used to be.

And it’s important to remember that sexual dysfunction is one of the possible health effects of gum disease, so if you’re struggling with that issue, treating gum disease may be able to help.

You Deserve a Better Smile

You might be telling yourself that you can get by with the smile you have. That might be true–if you aren’t at risk for serious health consequences from gum disease. But even if it’s true, don’t you want to live a better life? And having a better smile can really help with that.

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