This famous (well, famous among dentists, anyway) quote from Dr. John Kois, founder of the Kois Center, is true for both patients and dentists. An aspiration to greatness benefits both dentists and their patients in many ways, and it should be the central quality you look for in selecting your cosmetic dentist.

Ensuring Health

Dentists are, first and foremost, doctors committed to the craft of healing. They want to ensure that their patients are healthy, but what healthy means depends on the dentist. In mediocre dentistry, healthy just means that there are no immediate problems. Your gums are not bleeding, your teeth are not infected, and all cavities are filled.

Great dental health means more than this. It means that you have been evaluated for potential risks, and that any of these impending risks have been headed off. It is a proactive and preventive model, not just a respond and repair model.

Creating Beauty

You don’t have to hang around dentists too long to realize how many of them are artists at heart. They don’t use paint or clay–they work in enamel and ceramics, or working in slow time and patience with orthodontics.

If you think about it, is there such a thing as “mediocre” beauty? No, there is not. The very essence of beauty is antithetical to mediocrity. Essentially, then, in mediocre dentistry, there is no beauty.

Enduring Work

Dentists also aspire to make their work last. Dentists who take pride in their work want to be able to see it for years, if not decades to come. Great work is built to last.

Mediocre dentistry, on the other hand, is concerned with making work that should last an adequate amount of time. That is, if they take the time to think about how long the work might last, since this is a secondary concern. The primary concern is to get the work “done,” then move on to the next work.

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