For many people, the decision about when to get braces was made for them: your dentist talked to your parents about them, and you got them when you were young.

However, for people who didn’t get braces when they were young, how do you know now’s the time to straighten your teeth? Here are four signs that the time is right for your orthodontic treatment.

Beautiful young smiling couple spending time at the beach. For people who didn’t get braces when they were young, how do you know now’s the time to straighten your teeth?

You’re Tired of a Crooked Smile

You’d like to think that it gets easier to live with a crooked smile over time, but that’s not always the case. You don’t necessarily get used to the jokes that people make, the food stuck in your teeth, and the hiding your smile in public and in pictures. Instead, it can actually get harder to deal with with each passing year.

If you feel you’re just tired of all the problems associated with crooked teeth, the now’s the time to do something about it.

You’re in Good Oral Health

Orthodontic treatment puts stress on your mouth. We want to make sure you’re in good enough oral health to withstand the stress.

Your oral health doesn’t have to be flawless: we can treat some minor cavities and deal with a small amount of gum disease, but if you’re losing bone around your teeth because of gum disease, it might not be a good idea to start orthodontic treatment right now.

You’re Responsible Enough

If you get braces when you’re young, you’ve got your parents watching over you to make sure you take all the additional steps required when caring for teeth in braces.

However, for some of us leaving the home means a period of wild abandon, which may include abandoning your oral healthcare. Combine this with the negative effects of a lifestyle of partying and junk food, and you can put your teeth at great risk if you get braces right now.

But if you’re past this time in your life (if you ever went through it), then now is a good time for braces.

You Can Afford Them

When you were young, your parents would have paid for braces, but now it’s your responsibility. So you need to make sure that braces or another orthodontic treatment can fit into your budget. Fortunately, this is probably easier to manage than you think. First, braces aren’t as expensive as  you might fear. Second, because orthodontics take time to complete (though less time with AcceleDent), you have time to pay the cost. Finally, we offer financing options that can make your orthodontic procedure even more affordable.

During your consultation, we can talk about this question and help you figure out how to fit braces into your budget.

Bonus Tip: You’re Never Too Old for Braces

Some people may think that the time for them to get braces has passed, but there’s good news: you’re never too old for braces. Orthodontic treatment has been done on people of very advanced age, and it’s just as successful as it is for younger adults.

Even osteoporosis is no barrier to getting braces. Your body can still heal the bones to allow the teeth to move into place, though some types of osteoporosis medication might be a concern. We can talk about your health history to determine if you’re healthy enough for braces.

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