One of the most common reasons why people seek cosmetic dentistry is because they perceive that their smile is less attractive than others around them. However, this perception is often mistaken. Here are some common reasons why people mistakenly believe that their smile is less attractive than other people’s.

Couple smiling confidently about their smile makeovers

Selfies Can Be Deceiving

These days, selfies are common and everywhere. It’s likely that most of the times you see yourself smiling, it’s in selfies.

But there’s a problem: selfies might not be representing your smile properly. First, the lenses on smartphones are designed to capture wide angle pictures from a relatively small aperture, which can lead to distortion of images in the center of the field, especially when they’re close to the lens.

Another distortion can occur when you’re significantly closer to the camera than others in the picture. This can magnify aspects of your smile, and, in the process, call attention to small defects that you can’t notice in other smiles in the picture.

You See Your Smile Most

One of the biggest obstacles to seeing your smile as it truly is is just that you see your smile more than others. You see your smile every day. It’s often the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see before turning off the light at night.

Constant scrutiny can’t help but reveal numerous small defects that you wouldn’t notice in other people’s smiles (nor will they notice in yours).

You Compare Yourself to Celebrities

Another reason why people get a distorted impression of their smiles is that they’re constantly comparing themselves to celebrities they see on TV, movies, magazines, and Instagram.

While these smiles are certainly attractive, they’re often the result of cosmetic dentistry. Orthodontics, porcelain veneers, and regular teeth whitening help celebrities ensure that their smile looks as good as it can. If you’re comparing your smile to theirs, you’re inevitably going to find that your smile isn’t as attractive if you haven’t also had the same cosmetic treatments.

Be Happy with Your Smile for Itself

In the end, the key to happiness is not comparing yourself (and your smile) to others. Stop asking the question about whether your smile is more or less attractive than the smiles you see every day.

Instead, ask yourself if you’re happy with your smile for itself. When you look at your smile, does it make you want to smile? Or does it make you want to hide your smile. Your honest appreciation of your smile should be the gauge of whether you want to get cosmetic dentistry or not.

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